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Glyptodon, ("grooved or carved tooth") was a large, armored mammal that resembled and was a relative of the armadillos. They lived during the Pliocene and Pleistocene, from about 2.5 million years ago to 10,000 years ago.

RERELEASE from Alchemy Works with a new base that has 4 ways to connect it to the Prehistoric Scenes layout. This  kit has 20 pieces including an alternate tail and ears and is over 17" inches long.

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Creating a

Jurassic Arts expands the 1970s Aurora Prehistoric Scenes kits with new creatures, bases and layout options to fit in with the PS add-on world. The original model kits were never meant to be accurate, just a lot of fun. We've followed that tradition. So have fun expanding your diorama or just  get one for a showpiece.

How We
Make Things

Our goal it to remain true to the original Aurora "comic book" aesthetic. Kits are original sculpts or modified Aurora Plastics original Prehistoric Scenes kits. Like the originals, each kit has a few extras to create a mini-diorama. Or using out layout guide, you can add them to the original base layout in various locations. In fact we've been in contact with other PS Add-On companies to avoid as many overlaps as possibles.


New Releases Coming

April 2017

Alchemy Polecanthus
Alchemy Edaphosaurus
Tool Maker Neanderthal
And more...